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NEWS   26-09-2010:

Photos from Infest 2010

Project PitchforkNachtmahr Patenbrigade: WolffRotersand[x]-Rx AyriaConcrete Lung Concrete LungParralox AgonoizeMemmaker De/Vision @ Infest 2010Mandroid @ Infest 2010Mandroid @ Infest 2010 Northern KindHeimstatt Yipotash @ Infest 2010

NEWS   19-07-2010:

Photos from DV8 Fest in York

Zeitgeist Zero Screaming Banshee Aircrew Eureka Machines
Faderhead Modulate Zeitgeist Zero
Skinjob Berlin Black

NEWS   29-09-2009:

Photos from this weekends Blacksheep live gig. Luxury Stranger, Capital X and Legion.

Full gallery

NEWS   08-09-2009:

Photos from this weekends final Sisters of Murphy gig:

Full gallery

NEWS   08-06-2009:

More photos from this weekend. Skinjob and Deviant UK performed live at Mortaled.

Skinjob at MortaledDeviant UK at Mortaled
Skinjob at Mortaled
Deviant UK at Mortaled

These are just the flickr previews, full size images can be found by clicking through, and the full sets with more photos can be found here.

NEWS   07-06-2009:

Some photos I took at the recent Friday Flock Live gig of Grooving in Green and Legion

Grooving in GreenLegion
Grooving in GreenGrooving in GreenLegion

These are just the flickr previews, the full sets can be found here.

NEWS   10-05-2009:

Some photos I took at recent gigs of Rome Burns, Modulate and Alec Empire:

Alec EmpireRome Burns (Acoustic)

These are just the previews from flickr, the full galleries can be found here and here.

NEWS   16-03-2009:

The awesomeness that is ManDro1d appeared at Mortalled this last weekend. I managed to take some photos of this rare visual treat:

Mandro1d ManDro1d

The full gallery can be found here.

NEWS   16-11-2008:

Some photos I took at this years Infest are now online. Here's a sample:

Front 242Front 242
Front 242Noisuf-xNoisuf-x
Tyske LudderMarsheaux

These are just the previews from flickr, the full galleries are available here.

NEWS   26-09-2008:

The latest two shows are now online and include interviews with Patrick Codneys from Front 242 and Chris Coreline, both recorded at this years Infest.

There's also the usual mix of music and nattering so check them out.

NEWS   04-08-2008:

Last weeks show is now online over in the shows section.

NEWS   04-08-2008:

Another DJ slot, this time I was the guest DJ at Leeds' weekly goth night Blacksheep. It was loads of fun as always, and the setlist went something like this:

Ladytron - Black cat
Everything goes cold - Fail ( swift and concise remix by Out Out )
Salvonic - Electro gypsy
rabbit junk vs cyanotic - I vote bolshevik lite [glitch mode mix]
Angelspit - Skinny little bitch
Scandy - Me, so horny
Tatu - how soon is now ?

Rotersand - Exterminate, anihilate, destroy
Stromkern - Stand up
The Dragons - Condition
Ashbury Heights - Bare your teeth
Covenant - Tour de force
Ayria - Six seconds
S.P.O.C.K. - Dr McCoy

NEWS   23-07-2008:

Gothla update:

I was asked to DJ at the clubnight part of gothla in Leicester this year. It was loads of fun and everyone appeared to enjoy themselves loads.

My setlists for the night as as follows:

Cr├╝xshadows - Winterbornn
NIN - Closer (r)
Ladytron - Destroy everything you touch
Chameleons - Swamp thing
Covenant - Call the ships to port
VNV Nation - Chrome (r)
Rotersand - Exterminate, anihilate, destroy

Assemblage23 - Let me be your armour (r)
Combichrist - This s*it will fcuk you up (r)
Faderhead - Dirrty girls, Dirrrty bois (Modulate remix)
Angelspit - 100% (110% combichrist remix)
Rotersand - Alive (r)
Mesh - Crash (r)


and some photos of the performances can be found over here.

Gothla 2008

NEWS   05-06-2008:

Oh yes, don't forget the show airs tonight. Tune in!

NEWS   05-06-2008:

Modulate from last weekend!

NEWS   28-05-2008:

Last Sunday I was asked to do a half hour DJ slot at Blacksheeps bank holiday special. The setlist is as follows:

Setlist 21:00-21:30

Angelspit - 100% (110% combichrist remix)
Diffuzion - Wired tunes
Stromkern - Stand up
Covenant - Dead Stars (version) (r)
Ladytron - Destroy everything you touch
Siouxsie and the banshees - Cities in dust (r)
Depeche Mode - It's no good

(r) - request

Also, as usual the latest show is now available online in the usual place. Feel free to download and enjoy.

NEWS   06-03-2008:

Sorry for the delay but I've finally got some photos online from the March Violets gig at Leeds Metropolitan University (December 2007). I hope you enjoy them.

The March Violets

Screaming Banshee Aircrew

More photos can be found here.

NEWS   15-11-2007:

The latest show is now available online in the usual place. Feel free to download and enjoy. This show was quite inspired by the recent Ego Likeness, Ayria and Angelspit gig in Sheffield. A couple of pics taken by Adam are linked from the page for the gig.

NEWS   01-09-2007:

Some photos from this years Infest

SomanApoptygma Berzerk
Apoptygma BerzerkFaderheadApoptygma Berzerk
Click the images for more photos.

NEWS   22-07-2007:

Righto, just like usual the most recent show is now available online in the shows section. Feel free to download and enjoy. I also managed to get to the Emilie Autumn gig in Sheffield last night, and a handfull of pics can be found over here.

NEWS   10-07-2007:

Woolstock was great. Loads of great bands, well worth getting to.

Photo grid of the weekend

More photos here

NEWS   21-06-2007:

Long time no update. Whats been going on ? Well nothing out of the ordinary. The show has been broadcast as usual every two weeks and the archives and setlists have been appearing in the shows section.

I popped over to Manchester to take some photos at 'Miss Jinny Presents', it was a fun night as the results can be found over here.

Woolstock is coming up soon, I'll hopefully try to take my camera along to that as well. I'll pop the results up here when I sort them out.

In the mean time, keep tuning into the show.

NEWS   01-02-2007:

The last couple of shows are online along with the setlists, pop over to the shows section to find them.

Also, as mentioned in my last show, the link to the Psydoll interview is here. Beware, the whole file is rather big at around 50meg.


NEWS   13-12-2006:

I've been a bit rubbish at updating this front page, but shows have been made and have been appearing in the shows section shortly after they air. If you're looking for a recent show definately check that section out. Last weeks show is now online and includes Andy and Rich from Resurected joining me in the studio.


NEWS   29-10-2006:

This weeks show is chock full of good stuff. We have an interview with the fantastic Zombie Girl and a givaway of five copies of Action Directe's latest album "Intervention".

What are you waiting for ? go to the shows section and have a listen!

NEWS   31-08-2006:

Has it really been this long since I updated this site ? wow.

Lots has happened in the last few months. Stef has left the show, we've had zillions of guests, and we're just recovering from yet another fabulous Infest. There's new flyers appearing around and about, and I'm going to revamp this website if it's the last thing I do.

The Yahoo group has been retired, as it never got updated anyway, but the livejournal community (link at the top of the page) has all the up to date info you'll need.

I promise to get this place updated regularly soon

NEWS   19-12-2005:

Again, it's been a while since I updated things here, so whats new this time ?

Well, as usuall the last few shows have been uploaded. The show aired on November 24th includes an interview with KMFDM recorded when then recently played Bradford Rio's.

All the usual tunes and chat can be found in there as well.

The shows can be found in the usual place.

NEWS   27-09-2005:

Appologies for the lack of updates to this site, but things are updated now. August and Septembers shows are online now in the shows section, and they include interviews we recorded at infest along with the usual tunes and ramblings.

NEWS   31-07-2005:

Both of Julys shows are now online. You can find them in the shows section.

We changed our format slightly for the July 7th show, allowing Jamie from E.S.A. to play a selection of electronic noise acts, well worth checking out.

NEWS   29-06-2005:

Both of Junes shows are now online. You can find them in the shows section.

NEWS   31-05-2005:

The last two shows are now online. You can find them in the shows section.

NEWS   11-05-2005:

The show from april 18th is now online.

Our next show will air tomorrow, and should be online soon after.

NEWS   25-04-2005:

While there may have been a lack of updates on this front page, the show has been going great since January. We're fitting into our fortnightly slow nicely and finding it gives us a chance to play all kinds of stuff. If you're interested you can find the show archives for February, March, and April's shows are available online in the shows section.

NEWS   19-01-2005:

Since January our show has changed to a one hour fortnightly show. We are still in the same timeslot.(11pm till midnight on a Thursday).

In other news, the website has been updated. Decembers show and the first show from January are both online. They're available as always in the shows section.

NEWS   20-12-2004:

October and Novembers shows are now online. Novembers show is a real treat with interviews with Tom Shear and Skinflick, and two, yes two guests! DJ Gill from the Wendyhouse Mutate room comes and chooses a few tracks, and Keef Baker turns up to play us a live-ish set

Not only do we have a Yahoo group but for all you bloggers out there we now have a LiveJournal community. This community will give similar information to the group and will remind you when the next show is coming up.

NEWS   9-10-2004:

Both of Septembers shows are now online, and can be found in the shows section. The second of the two shows includes a thirty minute set from ESA who recently supported Scrap.edx in manchester, and an interview with suicide commando from this years infest.

NEWS   13-08-2004:

The last two shows are now online. July was the usual mix of myself and Stef playing all kinds of goth/alternative and electronic tunes.

Augusts show was an interesting mix of the usual music and info, with a few more mistakes and technical gaffs than usual as I didn't have Stefs help with the technology side of things.

They can both be found in the shows section.

NEWS   19-07-2004:

Last night I (nige) finally managed to do the guest slot at blacksheep. I've been promising to do this for ages and I finally managed to sort myself out enough to arrange this. I tried to play a mixture of new/old goth/electronic, with stuff people know and love, along with a couple of slightly less familiar tracks (1 hour just didn't seem like long enough).


  • Neurotic fish - Velocity
  • Covenant - Call the ships to port
  • Project pitchfork - Timekiller
  • The Azoic - Lost (Com_link mix)
  • Wolfshiem - Approaching lightspeed
  • XPQ21 - Bella lugosi's dead
  • Tubeway army - Are friends electric
  • The Chameleons - Swamp thing
  • The Cure - Love song
  • Psydoll - into the fog
  • Depeche mode - its no good
  • Apoptygma berzerk - cathys song
  • Conspiracy - Electric bitch
  • Assemblage 23 - Disappoint
  • Icon of coil - Simulated

Many thanks for Paul for this opportunity and for putting up with my disorganisation.

NEWS   04-07-2004:

Junes show is now online in the shows section.

NEWS   04-07-2004:

  • Due to a scheduling error May's show was never aired, however, it was prepared and recorded by myself and stef so we're making it available as a web-only special. You can find it online in the shows section.
  • Junes show will be online later today once I've had some sleep.
  • July's show will air on the 8th, so tune in.

NEWS   09-05-2004:

The next show will be aired on Thursday 13th May. To have this reminder emailed to you simply subscribe to the darkassimilation yahoo group here.

NEWS   09-05-2004:

Appologies again for the lack of updates to this site. Things have been quite busy for Stef and myself.

The last two shows have been uploaded to the site along with thier setlists. These can be found in the shows section.

Regarding interviews: we're planning to try to catch up with a number of bands at this years Infest in August and were wondering what you would like to hear. Drop us a line with suggestions of:

  • who you would like to hear interviewed, and
  • what you would like us to ask them.

Drop us your suggestions to and we'll do our best to get to chat to whoever you suggest. The results will be broadcast on sebsequent shows.

NEWS   20-02-2004:

Februarys show was aired yesterday (sorry about the lack of pre-warning). The playlist and show archive are now online in the shows section, so trundle on over there and have a listen.

The next show should air four weeks from now, on Thursday 18th March.

If you sign up to the DarkAssimilation yahoo group forthcoming shows will appear in the groups calendar.

NEWS   23-01-2004:

I've just created a yahoo group for Dark Assimilation which will let you know when things get posted to this website, and when shows go online.

If you have a yahoo account, follow this link and join the list. Alternatively you could send an email to

NEWS   22-01-2004:

The show archive is now slightly higher quality (still darn low tho) so it should be a bit nicer to listen to. enjoy.

NEWS   22-01-2004:

Januarys show is now online. We have a guest spot from DJ Mat of IMPLANT fame. The setlist and show archive is available in the shows section.


I can't appologise enough for the lack of updates to this site. it's been neglected for over 6 months and thats not helpfull to anyone.

Well, my new year's resolution is not to let that happen again. This site will be kept up to date with news about the show, and whatever myself and stef are getting up to.

I know a few of you like listening to the shows online, unfortunately the last few have run into technical problems when making the show archive. I'll try to get the playlists online for everyone to see but i wouldn't hold your breath about the actual sound files of the show. There's a slim chance i'll be able to recover those shows, but we'll just have to wait and see to be honest. Shows from this point on should appear online around the time the show airs, so keep looking.

Our show is now 2 hours long! Our new improved show can fit in much more of the same old music, nattering and interviews (when we find bands to bug!).

Januarys show will air at 10pm on thursday 22nd and will hopefully have a guest from the local dj crowd (if all goes well). Tune in to find out more details.

NEWS   23-06-2003:

okay, it's been a while since the site was last updated. We're still out there producing our show. May and Junes' show are now online the the shows section like usual.

Junes show includes an interview with beborn beton from thier recent gig at bradford rio's, along with the usual mix of music new and old.

Don't forget, post us a message and tell us what you think, our messageboard is always open.

NEWS   08-05-2003:

eep, there's hasn't been an update here in a while. we are still around, and our next show should be aired on thursday 15th May at 10pm.

The psychocandyclub in leicester went well, with myself and the other two dj's thoroughly enjoying ourselves. The regular dj's are back from thier brief break so if you're in the area it's well worth checking out.

NEWS   15-04-2003:

This coming saturday (19th) i've (nige) been asked to dj again at the PsychoCandyClub again. The lineup will be myself and two other guest djs as the regulars djs for this night are having a night off.

It should be lots of fun, and I haven't a clue what kind of tunes i'll be playing. Hopefully something different to tap your feet to :)

NEWS   15-04-2003:

Don't forget to tune in for our April show, where we have got an interview with Joakim of European popsters Covenant. This will be along with our usual mixture of chat, info and tunes.

NEWS   2-04-2003:

Our march show is now online. It includes an interview with Tom Shear of Assemblage23 by our very own stef.

Sorry it took so long to get the archive up, we'll try harder next time :)

NEWS   16-03-2003:

Thanks to the helpfull guys at providing us with the disk space we now have all of our previous shows available online.

So, if you missed a show, you can now go back and check it out. They are all linked at the bottom of the tracklist in the shows section.

NEWS   16-03-2003:

Our next show will be aired next thursday (20/03/03) at 10pm. Don't forget to tune in for our interview with Tom Shear from Assemblage23 taken at the Bradford Rio's gig in January.

NEWS   23-02-2003:

This is old news if you've talked to me (nige) in the last week or so, but i was inviteed to dj a short set at the psychocandyclub in leicester last weekend (15th)

This was my first attempt at club djing and it all went very groovey and bouncey. I dind't dj the usual stuff i play on the show, but a more broader 80's infuenced set.

I'll try to keep info posted here on mine and stefs antics in the future.

NEWS   13-02-2003:

Due to a mixup at bcb we're not scheduled to be broadcast tonight. Instead the show will go out next week (thursday 20th feb @ 10pm).

Sorry if you made the effort to catch up with the show tonight. We'll try to get bcb to be more definate about thier dates in the future.

NEWS   10-02-2003:

The next show should be aired on thursday 13th february, it includes an interview the icon of coil, and the usual round up of tunes and chatter.

A show archive and playlist should be available online shortly after the show is aired. As always, feel free to drop us feedback in the chat area.

NEWS   22-01-2003:

Januarys show was aired okay, and due to some scheduling mishap at bcb our december show was aired directly after it. It sounded really good to hear this kind of music on the radio for 2 hours.

Finally, Decembers and Januarys shows are online, sorry for the delay.

We've got some exciting stuff going into february's show so definately tune in for that one.

As always, drop us some feedback on our chat page.

NEWS   22-01-2003:

I've discovered that the 'bat country' show on kdvs ( it's on our links page ) has moved from monday to wednesday. I've updated the comment on the link page so it's accurate again.

NEWS   12-01-2003:

Sorry for the lack of updates again, with christmas + new year + cold/flu the site has not been given the attention it deserves.

Well, we're still here and still going. Our next show should be on Thursday 16th January. The previous show's archive is still on it's way, and i'll post here when it's done.

Until then, keep tuning in, and post messages, etc. to the chat section of the site to tell us what you want to hear.

NEWS   20-12-2002:

The latest show was aired on last thursday and both me and stef think it was one of our best yet. we had DJFreon (freon promotions) in talking about her djing and the gig's shes got lined up for next year.

The show archive might be a little late this time as i'm recovering from a bit of a cold. I'll try to get it online soon.

NEWS   19-11-2002:

Firstly, appologies for being so quiet for a while, myself and stef have just been exceptionally rubbish and getting things done. We could quote all kinds of technical problems, we could even tell you our dog ate our homework, but you wouldn't beleive us, so we're just going to let your imagination run wild. The bottom line is that we just haven't got much done in the last few weeks. I know you're all fluffy smiley people out there and will forgive us, so stay tuned in, we're not going anywhere :).

The more watchfull of you will notice we didn't air a show last month. Well, thats life i guess, things happened and we didn't get it done. BCB kindly aired a re-run and we have made sure a shiney fresh show is going to happen this month.

The next show will be aired on thursday 21st November and a playlist and archive will be online here within a couple of days.

Many thanks to d.j. freon for posting some requests. We didn't manage to squeeze these into this thursdays show, but some of them will be getting played as soon as we can manage it.

See you all around.

NEWS   01-10-2002:

The third show was aired at 10pm. We didn't appear on the bcb scedule page though. i guess i'll have to hassle the guys who do the web site a bit more :)

I've been told that 10pm should be our regular slot. So tune it at that time in four weeks if you're interested.

It's online now and available for download. The first show archive has been removed now because of disk space issues. It might return as i've found some disk space on ntl, i'll see what i can sort out.

NEWS   26-09-2002:

Our third show should be aired today. I think our timeslot is either 10-11pm or 11-12pm, but no one has really told us. The bcb schedule page isn't giving away any clues either. oh well.

I'll try to get the track listing and the show archive up in the next couple of days, thanks for being patient with us

NEWS   04-09-2002:

The second show got aired okay. The playlist and archive will are available now in the shows section.

NEWS   04-09-2002:

Thanks to an issue that only appeared to effect NTLWorld users, this website was allmost unaccessible for the last 3 days. Anyone who knows me knows exactly how much i like NTL, and how much hassle i get from them.

NEWS   23-08-2002:

We have the date for the second show confirmed, check the schedule section.

Also the messageboard is now working. drop us some comments.