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Dark Assimilation is a radio show which plays a mixture of goth, industrial, ebm, electronic and alternative music and is currently broadcast on Bradford community broadcasting. It also provides a run down of the current events and nightclub nights in the Yorkshire (United Kingdom) area.

It's created and run by Nige with regular appearances from Adam (from The Control Frequency).

We'll try to bring you a selection of the best music in this particular genre, interviews with bands, releases from up and coming bands, gig dates and info about club nights. If your are a local band or promoter then feel free to get in touch so we can pass on your info to the world.

The show is broadcast every two weeks, every other Thursday at 11pm, check the schedule page on for more details.

If you don't live near bradford then you should be able to find an archive of the show on this website in the shows section along with playlists.